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Thanksgiving Wines: Pairing the Right Wines with Turkey, Gravy and Stuffing

For most of us, the Thanksgiving meal is a big deal. People put themselves through the wringer to be with family and friends at this special time. (Just look at how crowded airline terminals are on the Thanksgiving weekend.)

Therefore,making sure this holiday meal is a success can be quite a task for the cook.

But there are considerations beyond food. In addition to turkey, stuffing and pie, the wine adds a delicious dimension at Thanksgiving. When wine is added to the gravy and the stuffing, as well as served by the glass during the meal, cooks may find themselves promoted to the rank of reigning chef.

Below are some tips, tricks and wine suggestions for your Thanksgiving meal.

Red or white?

The universal cliché used to be that only a white wine could go with turkey. But the deep flavor of roast turkey can be complemented by either a red or a white wine; it really depends on what you like and what you're serving with the turkey. A stand-up Chardonnay, a good Gewurztraminer or a racy Riesling will embrace the taste of turkey like an old friend. But a great red, low on tannins, will also hug the gobbler just as tightly. Try something like a stalwart Cabernet Sauvignon, a wily Pinot Noir or a mysterious Petite Syrah. While we could explore the costlier realms of the grape, I've decided to keep the price tag below $20 a bottle, with a couple of worthwhile exceptions. See the end of this article for my suggestions.

Tell guests what to bring

There is nothing more frustrating than having an otherwise wonderful meal destroyed by the good intentions of a person who decides to bring a wine from the discount bin at the liquor store. If you're uncomfortable making wine suggestions for guests, then do the wine purchasing yourself and pick something you know and love.

Making a little magic in gravy and stuffing

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