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Bodybuilding Supplements for Vegetarian Teenagers

Supplements for bodybuilding are a convenient way to get great results from a workout. Vegetarian teenagers can definitely benefit from them if they have a hard time eating a well-balanced diet or simply have difficulties eating enough. There are however a few things vegetarian teenagers should watch for.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Supplement for Teenagers #1: Protein and Amino Acids

Everyone, specially teenagers, should consider vegetarian protein supplements for bodybuilding purposes. The high intensity workouts in bodybuilding cause muscles to need more protein to rebuild themselves, and since teenagers are in a growth period, vegetarian protein supplements can be a good addition to their diet. It is of course possible to avoid them and rely solely on food, but if the teenager's food choices are limited (for example because school meals are high in fat or vegetarian alternatives are scarce) a good vegetarian protein supplement can be beneficial. Please note that outside of bodybuilding purposes, vegetarian protein supplements are unnecessary.

An excellent vegetarian option for bodybuilding is hemp, as it is easily assimilated and provides essential fatty acids and fiber, and it is also a complete protein. With high quality protein, amino acids supplements are not necessary for bodybuilding as they are the building blocks of protein, but some have reported better recovery when several sources of vegetarian protein are used as they provide a better amino acids balance. Another protein source is yellow pea protein, which is used with great results by vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Supplement for Teenagers #2: Weight Gain Powders

Teenagers may have a difficult time gaining weight so they may benefit from a weight gain supplement. However, considering that many weight gain powders are also high in protein, teenagers should remember to drink enough water to not strain the kidneys. Another thing to watch for is the supplement's ingredients. Many of them contain trans fatty acids, cholesterol, etc. and aren't always vegetarian.

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