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Now, BT sues Google over Android patent infringements

 UK-based telecoms group BT has joined other major corporations claiming billions of dollars from Google for alleged patent infringements in the Android smartphone operating system.

BT claims that Google Maps, Google Music, Google Search, Android Market, location-based advertising and the Google+ social network all infringe its intellectual property, The Telegraph reports.

It is seeking damages likely to run into billions of dollars, which it claims should be trebled for some of the allegations because of wilful and deliberate infringement.

It also wants an injunction against further infringements, which could lead to Android devices being banned from sale.

"BT brings this action to recover the just compensation it is owed and to prevent Google from continuing to benefit from BT's inventions without authorization," the court papers filed in the United States said.

Google is also facing patent infringement allegations from Oracle. Android manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC also face a slew of lawsuits from major players including Apple and Microsoft.

Google said BT's claims are "without merit" and that it would "defend vigorously against them".

According to the paper, BT's action was first reported by Florian Mueller, a German campaigner against software patents, who has chronicled the smartphone industry's increasingly intense legal battles on his blog in recent years. (ANI)

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